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Cover Story Los Toros Del Este Godmother
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Interschool Athletics TournamentPublished October 25th, 2013

The inauguration of the inter-school athletics competition 2013, took place at the Poli Deportivo in La Romana on the 4th and 5th of October. Students from 10 up to 14 years of age participated in this event.

We are proud to say that many of our students competed and had positive results. Representing our school, Emily Gonzalez , from 6th grade , won first place in the 50 meter race, taking home the gold medal . Soon after, Rose Hunt , from 5th grade , participated in the shot-put competition, with great strength, she managed to throw that ball far enough to win the silver medal .

From 6th grade, Natalie Sambo, Aylin Rodriguez, Cecile Marie Vicioso and Emily Gonzalez , engaged in the female relay race, taking home the silver medal . The masculine relay team was composed by Livan Silvestre , from 9th grade , Sebastian Richiez , 7th grade, Mark Skilwies and Zeddy Haywood from 8th grade . They won second place as well.

On the Long jump competition, students such as, Ambar Florentino, Juan Uribe, Venus Lahoz and Livan Silvestre , from 7th to 9th grade , participated. Livan Silvestre took the longest jump, taking home the bronze medal .

We are all very proud of these students’ efforts and their results. Congratulations!

Report by Raffaella Grisolia

Los Toros Del Este Godmother Published October 25th, 2013

MariellaMatar Madrina de Los Toros

We are proud to say that a distinguished student from Abraham Lincoln School is “ La Madrina ” of los Toros this year. Mariella Matar a student full of dedication is now bringing luck to La Romana's baseball team. In a speech she presented to the team , the board of Los Toros and the representatives of the local sport press , she expressed that it was an honor to be the godmother in the baseball season 2013-2014. She is proud to announce that she will be giving all her support and enthusiasm in each game in our stadium ,Francisco Micheli.

Report by Hilda Geraldino

After School Clubs & Societies 2013/14Published October 25th, 2013

This year there will be a wide variety of afterschool activities for you to join, Such as:

  • Upper School Art Portafolio Club Grades 11 & 12 – Mr. Adams
  • Science Experiment Club – Dr. Parker
  • Senior Boys Soccer – Mr. Cafferkey
  • Lower School Computer Club – Miss Dixon
  • Art Club – Miss Dixon & Miss Gibson
  • Baseball – Mr. Chan
  • Junior Girls Ball Games – Miss Hughes
  • Netball –Miss Morgan
  • Playground Games – Miss Small
  • Junior Boys Soccer – Mr. Suarez & Mr. Doherty
  • Choir- Miss Gordon
  • Singing Club – Miss Parker
  • Fitness Club & Circuits – Miss Burns
  • Upper School Computer Club – Mr. Sheldrake
  • Cross Stitch – Mrs. Santana
  • Indoor Games Club – Miss Daya
  • Lower School Soccer Club – Mrs. Van Welie & Mr. Donohoe
  • Senior Girls Soccer – Mr. Young
  • Cheerleading – Miss Burton Morgan
  • SAT’S English – Ms. Crowley
  • Reading Club – Mr. Doherty
  • Hogar Del Nino – Miss Keogh
  • Golf Club - Eric Lillibridge
  • Senior Boys Basketball – Velmin Castillo
  • Senior Girls Basketball – Velmin Castillo
  • Senior Girls Volleyball – Uriel Rijo

Report by Jose Pilier

CMS Volleyball InvitationalPublished October 29th, 2013

On October 19th our senior girls and boys volleyball teams attended Carol Morgan's Volleyball Invitational. Unfortunetly, after battling two games the girls where defeated. However, the boys reached the semi-finals and won second place.

Boys MVP: Renis La Paz
Girls MVP: Margery Pinette

Report by Renis La Paz

Community Service Published October 29th, 2013

During this school year 11th and 12th grade are volunteering at Fundación Mir and Hogar Del Niño. We are teaching english through other subject such as: art, music, drama, sports, maths and dance .
Our aim is to help them develop their english further.

Report by Raffaella Grisolia
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ALS Newsletter

Older Articles

Girl's Football Invitational CMSPublished February 14th, 2013

Group stage:

ALS 2 (S.Papadopoulos; J.Pimental) CMS Junior Varsity 0

Two excellent goals were the highlights of a good win over an organised CMS side. First, Sophia Papadopoulos scored a beautiful curling free kick from 25 yards, and then Jaritza Pimental - making her invitational debut - scored an outstanding striker's goal by back-heeling the ball before lashing it in from 10 yards.

Match MVP: Alexandra Papadopoulos

As both ALS and Santiago (the other team in our group) won their first games, the decision was made that both these teams could progress to the semi-finals without needing to play each other in the group match.

ALS 1 (Raffaella Grisolia) CMS Senior Varsity Team 4

The girls made the perfect start, with great pressure from Raffaella Grisolia resulting in her scoring from inside the area within five minutes. However, CMS responded strongly, scoring three goals before half-time. Despite a far better performance in the second half, the girls could not make a breakthrough, and CMS were able to secure victory with a goal on the break, before going on to win the final. What is telling is that CMS did not have any other shots on target in the game, but clinical finishing was the key.

Match MVP: Raffaella Grisolia

Tournament MVP: Maria Baez

The coach, Mr Young, said, Full credit to Carol Morgan School for hosting another excellent invitational, and for playing such excellent football. As always, our girls were a credit to the school, giving a 100% and once again earning no yellow or red cards. Whilst they are understandably disappointed, they lost with grace and already thoughts are turning to how we will come back better and stronger next season.

Thanks must also go to Mr Sheldrake and Mr Suarez, who came along to support the team, along with all of the current and ex-students, who lent vocal support from the sidelines. Thoughts now turn to the La Romana indoor inter-schools tournament.

Report by Mr Young

National Volleyball TournamentPublished February 14th, 2013

On Saturday the 6th of April, Abraham Lincoln School's volleyball team along with players from other La Romana teams such as Saint Nicolas School and Colegio Episcopal Todas Los Santos; travelled to Santo Domingo to play in the national volleyball tournament.

Their first game was against San Pedro which they easily won 2-0. By winning this game the team secured a place in the finals. The finals were against Santiago, which was a tight match. The first set was lost by ALS 25-23, however the team rallied together in the next set to win 25-19. With confidence high the final and deciding set was also won by ALS by a score of 15-10, bringing the trophy back to La Romana.

The players involved were: Nicole Bueno (team captain), Mayra Bueno, Cindy Bueno, Kenia Cordero, Yocaeri Rodriguez, Carmen Montás, Mayelin del Monte and MVP of the tournament, Katherine Benjamin.

Report by Mayra Bueno

La Romana School OlympicsPublished January 14th, 2013

In October our school participated in the interschool athletics in La Romana. Every school in town took place. The best athletic students of the school were chosen to participate in it, such as Jose Pilier, Gladys Alvarez, Cristina Caceres, Gabriela Grisolia, Tiffany Dalet, Luis Cedeno, Mayra Bueno, Renis La Paz, Jessica Duffield, Yadira Diaz, Claudia Yanez, Hugo Cedeno, Marcos Mayans, Christian Caluche and others.

The experience was new and exciting for us. It was very exhausting as we gave all we had. Other schools from La Romana participated, such as Saint Nicolas, Saint John, Buena Vista, Sagrado Corazon De Jesus, Inmaculado Corazon De Maria, Colegio Biblico Cristiano, San Eduardo De Calasanz and others.

The athletes that participated gave everything that they could during those games. Many competitors won medals, like Luis Cedeno, 10th grade, who won a gold medal in 400 meters and silver in 200 metres; Jose Pilier, 11th grade, won gold in 100 metres; Claudia Yanez won gold 80 metres; Renis La Paz, 11th grade, won bronze in the long jump; Gladys Alvarez came 3rd and secured bronze in the girls' long jump; Christian Kaluche secured a bronze in the shot put, with Renis La Paz coming in 2nd place. In the relay race, Claudia Yanez, Yudelka Cedeno, Katherine Benjamin, Jaritza Pimentel and Zabdy Guerrero produced an outstanding performance to win gold. Finally, Sebastian Richiez won 3rd place in the 60 metre run.

The overall performances by the students of our school reflect their sustained levels of effort and dedication. We congratulate these students for their endearing athleticism and all their hard work. This was a rewarding experience that will help them greatly in the future.

Report by Renis La Paz and Mayra Bueno

Maths OlympicsPublished February 14th, 2013

Abraham Lincoln School students recently took part in the Maths Olympics that occurs on a yearly basis. In the Maths Olympics students of top academic achievements participate in the quest to find the top mathematician in the country.

The tests consists of six challenging questions that test their intellectual abilities, which have to be completed in a three hour period. After the first round, the top three students are chosen to take another examination that will then determine who goes on to the national competion. Previous students, such as Mariella Matar, have won the national competition and represented the country in the Central American Maths Olympics in Mexico.

We will keep you posted on this year's students' progress...

Boy's Basketball Invitational CMSPublished February 14th, 2013

Group stage:

ALS 29 - CMS 27

Basketball players, fans and coaches often say, free throws separate men from boys. Knowing this, Jose Silvestre stepped on the free throw line, with the game tied; a mere 5 seconds remained, with the whole crowd against him, and with all the weight of a recent history full of lost causes and terrible defeats against CMS bearing down upon him. Just there, in the line, Jose gained the honor to be considered the MVP when he scored both free throws. Also contributing to the win was Julio Febles, who came off the bench to bring 10 points home. Stefano Baracalli, Renis la Paz and Jose Pilier also contributed with their rebounds and their low post offense.

MVP: Jose Silvestre

ALS 19 - Haiti 40

Lacking initial motivation, the lions found themselves quickly behind; a sequence which was continued throughout the whole game. Haiti, who clearly looked the superior team and the first candidate to win the title, took full advantage of their organizational skills and physical preparation. In this game the rookies got their first taste of what real, rough basketball was when representing the school.

MVP: Renis la Paz

Semi-Final: ALS 25 - Bonao 36

Despite a poor start, the ALS boys did not give up the push and reduced a deficit of 20 points. Although the final push was good, time ran out.

MVP: Jose Silvestre

Report by Julio Febles

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ALS Newsletter

Older Articles

Grade 11 Geography Trip Published January 7th, 2013

During the second quarter the 11th grade B group visited the Ecolab/microtec premises. It has an area of 195,485sq/ft with more than 1900 employees. It is divided into 5 plants and each has a different job. Ecolab is a factory that produces medical equipment; it is one of the world's most ethical companies for the sixth consecutive year. A survey conducted by global research and consulting firm, Universum, named Ecolab on its list of America's ideal employers.

During the trip the eleventh graders learned everything they needed to know about fluid collection pouches, probes and camera drapes, microscope and C-arm drapes, lingermans, venodyne, microshield, WE, gowns and intuitive. The students were showed how to fold the surgical equipments in all plants and that hygiene was one of the biggest priorities for the company because all products must be germ-free, otherwise clients could become seriously ill. The only way to enter the premises is wearing hair nets, aprons and feet covers. Students could not enter the buildings with cell phones, headphones or any other type or electronic devices. There were strict rules that stated that visitors could not trespass the yellow lines defined on the floor. The managers who attended the students were very welcoming and even offered them summer jobs; they were very enthusiastic people who loved their jobs.

Ecolab is very caring when it comes to their employees. They try to be considerate with them; they try not to exploit them in any way by making sure they pay them if they work extra hours, count their days off and pay them during vacations.

Report by Carmen Montás and Sophia Papadopoulos

Girls BasketballPublished January 10th, 2013

In November The Girls basketball team participated in the interschool basketball tournament where they won First place. The first game they lost 10-11 and then they won the finals 11-10. They played against Saint Nicolas Eagles, who were our hardest opponents, and against San Eduardo De Calasanz School. The team consisted of Sophia and Alexandra Papadopoulos, Hilda Geraldino, Lisselotte Galvez, Margery Pinette, Mariadelsol Libert, Maria Strofer, Carmen Montas, Maria Baez and Mayra Bueno. In the final minutes of the game, ALS had the advantage after Alexandra Papadopoulos scored a three pointer. The game was 10-8. However, this did not last long, with the Saint Nicholas Eagles quickly responding with 2 points. In the last minute of the game, Mayra Bueno was awarded a free throw, with the score was 10-10. The tension was palpable and everyone watching could sense the pressure, but Mayra overcame any nerves, and with her first shot gained a point-securing victory.

Report by Maria Baez

3rd Grade AssemblyPublished January 7th, 2013

Grade Three performed their annual Christmas extravaganza before the start of the Christmas holidays. It was a brilliant showpiece of famous Christmas music and hilarious Christmas poems. Grade Three performed with enthusiasm, energy and passion. As Mr. Magee pointed out at the end of the performance, it was one of the best shows ever! Take a look and see for yourself.

Please click here to view the video

Grade 9 Geography TripPublished January 7th, 2013

Grade 9 study coasts as part of their syllabus so we went on a field trip to the coast. We started off at Minitas, which is in Cassa de Campo. Here we looked at coastal management schemes, longshore drift and the social, economic and environmental impacts of tourism on the beach. After Minitas we went over to Bayheibe and Dominicus . Here we compared the natural beach to that of the man made beach at Minitas. We also looked at the social, economic and environmental impacts of tourism. Grade 9 worked hard, conducted surveys and took measurements. A productive field trip out!

Report by Miss Burns