Our Curriculum

Pre-Kinder and Kinder

When a child first starts school, he or she will be learning to speak and understand English. The acquisition of vocabulary in English is the most important work we do in Pre-Kindergarten and Kindergarten. This provides the foundation for future success at Abraham Lincoln School. In a child’s first year at school, we aim to care for his or her social, emotional and intellectual development. The children learn to work and play in a group, whilst developing their independence as learners. They will begin to work on the initial skills of communication, observation, writing, number work and motor control and the early skills involved in learning to read. These skills are then built upon in Kindergarten. Pre-Kindergarten and Kindergarten classes are taught by bi-lingual members of staff, supported by teaching assistants.

Lower School (grades 1-5)

The vibrant Primary School curriculum is based on the guidelines for the UK National Curriculum adapted for second language learners and is delivered by British teachers. The curriculum includes all aspects of Language and Literacy, Mathematics, Science, Social Studies (History and Geography), Art, Information Technology and Music. Personal Social and Health Education and Citizenship topics are incorporated into Lower School Assemblies and general classroom practice. Spanish and Physical Education is taught by Dominican staff and lessons are timetabled throughout the week. The school year is divided into four quarters and reports are sent home to parents at the end of each quarter. Parents are invited to see their children’s work and discuss their children’s progress in the three annual Parents’ Evenings.

Upper School (grades 6-12)

In the Secondary School, the students are taught in English and Spanish. The curriculum in the English subjects is based on the British IGCSE Cambridge syllabi. The students study ten subjects at this level usually until 10th grade and in the 11th and 12th grade, British Advanced level topics are also taught. The subjects taught to all students are as follows: Maths, English, French, Chemistry, Physics, Biology, Geography, History, Art and Computing. Economics and Social studies are also taught in 12th grade. All the subjects in the English curriculum are taught by the highly qualified and experienced British teachers. The curriculum in Spanish involves the teaching of Language and Social Studies in preparation for the Dominican “Bachillerato” certificate. National examinations in Spanish are taken at the end of 8th grade and 12th grade. All students participate in one lesson of Physical Education per week.

After graduation all the students continue their studies at universities in the Dominican Republic or overseas. Many have graduated from prestigious American universities. The academic progress of each student is closely monitored. Students are graded at the end of each of the four quarters in the academic year. They are also graded by formal examination in each subject at the end of the second and fourth quarters. Reports are sent to parents at the end of each quarter. The Secondary School has a detailed Code of Conduct which the students are required to sign. Students are expected to demonstrate a high degree of organization and a strong emphasis is also placed upon self-discipline, respect for others and personal appearance. This promotes an attitude of responsibility and maturity in the students and results in an academic atmosphere in the school within a safe and secure environment. The school has excellent sports teams which compete at national level in the Dominican interschool competitions. The school has been graduating students from 12th grade since 1983. After completing their university courses the majority of our students take up a whole variety of professional careers in the Dominican Republic or overseas.